Get rewarded for you content

Allow your audience to show appreciation for all the hard work you've put into creating unique and valuable content.


You register with and we get you onboarded with a partner payment processor so you don't have to go over this burden by yourself.

Create forms

Within the dashboard, you can create forms which can be easily embedded into your site, allowing you to receive appreciation for that cool content.

Focus on quality content

Sit back and focus entirely on creating awesome content while getting rewarded for it at the same time and keeping your audience hooked.

Customisable forms

Your forms are customisable through the dashboard so you can integrate them entirely.

Just embed it!

It's as simple as opening a soda can. Use the given code to embed the form into your website. This way, you keep your audience hooked and no one will notice the embedded form. Btw, did you finish open that can?

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